Learn my PLATFORM by learning ABOUT me.


A Husband and Father 

Heady married his beautiful wife Bernadette in 2003. Bernadette and Heady have known each other since they were kids. They have 3 children: Kenneth, Zale & Nia. They live in downtown Guthrie. You can find Heady and his family walking through downtown Guthrie often when the weather is right. 

Bernadette works for Guthrie Public Schools.

Heady was listed as a "cool dad" by Metro Family Magazine.

Loves community

Heady was part of the team that started Red Brick Nights, a monthly block party that brings together thousands of individuals in the community and beyond with live music, food trucks, pop-up shops and kid activities. He also helped implement Guthrie Summer Streets in order to promote healthy living and give local businesses and organizations exposure to the community.

Heady developed a brand called GuthrieAmerica in order to share the stories of individuals in his community and to help show off his beautiful town. The GuthrieAmerica t-shirts he designed have become a town favorite and a fun way for people to begin conversations. He believes that when we start sharing our stories we connect as a community, and then we all win. This is why one of his favorite hashtags to use is #CommunityWins.

Heady was the Citizen of the Year for 2016.  

Values education

He is extremely active in the local schools in his community. He is part of mentorship programs at the high school and at the upper elementary school and serves the Student Council team at the junior high. 

He is constantly sharing stories of teachers via interviews on his personal website. He has hosted events specifically for teachers. 

Passionate about entrepreneurship and local businesses

Heady is on the board of the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce. He started #ChooseGuthrie to encourage his community to shop local and invest in local businesses. He has hosted events that allow entrepreneurs to share their stories in order to help them better connect with members of their community. 

Believes in doing good for others

He serves on the YMCA council and was named a volunteer of the year for the YMCA in 2017.

He contributes to LOVE OKC, an event serving thousands of people each year through charitable service. These services include house painting, giving out food, feeding people lunches, connecting people to community resources, and providing health check-ups, family portraits, haircuts and more. 

A Man of Faith

Heady strives to live a life that is pleasing to God. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at an early age and contributes all of his success to God. His Christian values will guide his decision making at the Capitol. 

Heady is currently the pastor for NORTHCHURCH Guthrie. NCG was started in 2016, and Heady was a part of the leadership team that planted NCG.