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For Immediate Release
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Gregory “Heady” Coleman Announces for Senate District 20

GUTHRIE – Guthrie business leader and local pastor Gregory “Heady” Coleman announced his candidacy for Oklahoma State Senate District 20 this today.

Heady, an Oklahoma Native, seeks to push for common sense-solutions to Oklahoma’s biggest issues. He will be running as a Democrat.

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“I believe that Oklahoma needs to take a ‘family first’ approach in how we govern,” said Coleman. “Oklahoma needs to make great strides in creating policies and standards that encourage families to become more involved in the education of our children, increasing educational quality and job-preparation among our students and ensure our education system is properly spending money on classroom resources and teachers. Families also need more representation at the Capitol that will champion bringing quality jobs to not just the metro areas, but small-town Oklahoma. With the support of voters, my family and the grace of God, I am ready to do the heavy lifting to keep Oklahoma going on the path of success.”

Coleman, the current pastor of NORTH.CHURCH Guthrie, was the first African-American CEO of the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce and presently works as a consultant and life coach specializing in business and organization development to those who are starting new businesses across the state. His love for public schools is shown by his involvement in mentoring programs at the Guthrie High School and Guthrie Upper Elementary, and his founding of the We Tell Stories program in Oklahoma City that ran for almost a decade and promoted reading and the power of people telling their story to grow community.

A positive leader…

“Heady’s passion for the place he calls home has been a beautiful driving force for success,” said Tina Heyvaert, SR Vice President at BancFirst. “In Guthrie, he promoted local business, local schools, health providers, and churches through his #ChooseGuthrie campaign. As a business and community leader, his positive spirit changes people’s attitudes from ‘we can do this’ to ‘WE WILL DO THIS.’”

A believer in community action…

“When Heady wins, Oklahoma wins,” said Clay Drake, an Agriculture Education Instructor. “Too often, we see politicians who get into office and no one hears from them again until election time rolls around again. This isn’t Heady. Whether it’s at a school, church or community event, Heady puts in the time to make people’s lives better starting from the moment you shake his hand. He is always there for us, and he will be there for everyone in Senate District 20.”

A man of faith who puts family first…

“Heady is a firm believer that strong families create a strong future,” said Bill Williams, Pastor at Community Church. “He is blessed to have his wife Bernadette by his side and his three children, Kenneth, Zale and Nia. His belief in God and the power of the family has led him to become a great pastor and a leading speaker with organizations that educate couples on how to work together as a family. We are blessed to have him in our community and we will be blessed to have him as our Senator”

A firm believer in public education and the future of our children…

“Our children need people to look up to and Heady has consistently championed teachers as role models,” said Doug Ogle, Assistant Superintendent Guthrie Schools. “His work with local educators has included an online-media outlet that features interviews with teachers and their thoughts on education and the community. He also provides monthly speakers to our junior high’s student council that discuss current events, business and leadership qualities with our children. Our kids need to be educated and ready for the real world. Heady will work hard to make sure our children get there and that Oklahoma jobs will be available when they graduate.”

More about Heady:

  • He is married to Bernadette Coleman. They have 3 awesome children: Kenneth, Zale and Nia.

  • Graduated from Guthrie Public Schools.

  • Graduated with a degree from Oklahoma City Community College.

  • Pastor for NORTH.CHURCH Guthrie.

  • Developed the GoWin approach to life and business development.

  • Currently on the board for the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce.

  • Currently on the council for the YMCA.

  • Volunteer of the Year for the YMCA in 2017.

  • Helped start GuthrieAmerica Summer Streets promoting healthy living, small businesses and Red Brick Nights, a monthly block party that was named best new event in 2016.

  • Citizen of the Year for GuthrieAmerica in 2016.

  • Former member of the State Advisory Group for Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs.

  • Participated in the AmeriCorps | Corporation for National and Community Service.

  • Has been a part of 4 church plants.

  • Former Director for LOVE OKC where 11,000 people were delivered food, and community and health services.

  • Currently in Leadership Guthrie to learn more about how to serve small-town America.

  • Wrote over a thousand handwritten notes in 2017 to people to encourage them to #GoWin.