My Family and I want to share a list of possible Mother's Day gifts


We all love our moms. They are the ones that we thank when we make it on the big screen for our big accomplishments. Mom's Day is almost here. I thought I would talk over with my family 10 gifts you can grab for your mom.

  1. My daughter said a pair of pants from her favorite store. 
  2. I said pair of AirPods from the Apple store. 
  3. My daughter said a spa day for her and your dad.
  4. My wife said a fancy purse.
  5. My daughter said dinner to her favorite restaurant.
  6. My wife said her favorite perfume.
  7. My daughter said a plant.
  8. My wife said makeup. 
  9. My wife said a circular saw. I think this was a hint to me. 
  10. My son said give her a billion dollars. I sent him to his room after he said this. 

Hope this list helps.