Heady shaking hands.
Heady has impacted our community by being a true example of what “community” looks like. He’s committed to a lifestyle that encourages everyone to start where they’re at to make the world a better place. Heady proves every day that amazing leadership doesn’t have to be unapproachable or unattainable—rather, good leaders are for people, and no one understands this better than Heady.
— Blair

Heady has been incredibly impactful and supportive of the Guthrie community. Heady really puts in the time to meet people and listen to their stories. He is able to impact lives because he understands that getting to know individuals is the first step to understanding what a community needs.
— Ethan

Heady puts the “C” in community. He is the smiling face of Guthrie America.
— Tracy

Our children need people to look up to, and Heady has consistently championed teachers as role models. His work with local educators has included an online media outlet that features interviews with teachers and their thoughts on education and the community. He also provides monthly speakers to our junior high’s student council that discuss current events, business and leadership qualities with our children. Our kids need to be educated and ready for the real world. Heady will work hard to make sure our children get there and that Oklahoma jobs will be available when they graduate.
— Doug

Heady has brought the Guthrie community, and surrounding areas, together with his “Go Win” attitude. He has a servants heart for all people and will always put others above himself. He wants what is best for everyone, not just some.
— Jeff

Heady is a firm believer that strong families create a strong future. He is blessed to have his wife Bernadette by his side and his three children, Kenneth, Zale and Nia. His belief in God and the power of the family has led him to become a great pastor and a leading speaker with organizations that educate couples on how to work together as a family. We are blessed to have him in our community and we will be blessed to have him as our Senator
— Bill

When Heady wins, Oklahoma wins. Too often, we see politicians who get into office and no one hears from them again until election time rolls around again. This isn’t Heady. Whether it’s at a school, church or community event, Heady puts in the time to make people’s lives better starting from the moment you shake his hand. He is always there for us, and he will be there for everyone in Senate District 20.
— Clay

Heady, Inspires us to move out our comfort zone and embrace possibilities. He motivates us to find the common amongst each other rather than the divide.
— Jacquelyn

Heady’s passion for the place he calls home has been a beautiful driving force for success. In Guthrie, he promoted local business, local schools, health providers, and churches through his #ChooseGuthrie campaign. As a business and community leader, his positive spirit changes people’s attitudes from ‘we can do this’ to ‘WE WILL DO THIS.
— Tina

Heady Coleman is one amazing man! The scope of his personal and professional capacity astounds me. His willingness to engage, give, create and lead is an example for anyone wanting to impact humanity.
— Greg

Heady has impacted the community by not just talking the talk but he puts ACTION behind his words. He puts God first, and that empowers him to be a great leader, husband, father, and someone who meets no stranger. He is passionate about loving people and being intentional about encouraging everyone he comes in contact with to WIN by not doing life alone but getting connected and getting involved in the local church and community and serving others. He enjoys celebrating teachers, children, young adults, men, women, fathers, mothers, the elders...let’s just say everyone, just because that’s who he is. He is a great visionary, problem solver, encourager, speaker, and a person of influence. If there’s a problem, he has a solution. Heady is known by his smile and the high fives that he gives as he walks throughout the community. He is the talk of the town and is greatly appreciated because he definitely is a difference maker and is bringing about change!
— Donna